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What is project, anyway? What is the difference between management a project, and managing operations? Click HERE To learn more…


How to Overcome Social Anxiety


Anxiety is very real, and very debilitating for many people. Because I’m close with several people that suffer from anxiety – not just social anxiety, but anxiety in many forms – I chose to share this fantastic read that helps you have a new perspective and understanding. What does an anxiety attack feel like? There are images and some great information on how to help those who are suffering from a panic attack, or anxiety. Read more about anxiety disorder now…

Marketing Your Business Facebook Style

Facebook for Business Marketing

Every wondered how to get more customers? Whether you are trying to drive more traffic to your blog, to your sales page, or another social media site, Facebook is a great tool to help. In working with clients, I get a lot of requests to help them get their “Facebook off the ground”. I used to be surprised at how many small business owners weren’t on Facebook at all, but after working with many of them, I understand. It can be overwhelming, and it is VERY time consuming to learn how to use Facebook (profile versus a page for your business), who to use it with, why – what the purpose is for using it, and what to put on it!

Because I realized that MOST (yes, MOST) of the businesses I was working with needed the most basic of breakdowns on how to even get started on Facebook (many had never used it before, in any capacity), I developed some training that I can provide them to help them get started. This training is not intended to be the end-all-be-all on Facebook – there isn’t enough white space to write it all done, and even if I did, Facebook would have changed so much by the time I finished, it would be irrelevant.

Instead, I started with the basics, and because I recognized the level of discomfort many business owners had, I included screenshots and very tactical, step-by-step instructions. Here are some of the areas that are covered:

  • Profile versus Page
  • How to create a Page for your business
  • How to create a professional-looking cover page image
  • How to “leave your profile page behind” (if you choose to)
  • Target market overview
  • Page Content (what to post, when to post, how to post, how to engage with customers, etc.)
  • … and more!

If you are interested in receiving the report, drop a comment below and let me know! I am also working on a video training of the same material, and would love to know which delivery format you would prefer (document or video), and if there is anything else you’d like to see included in the “101” version? Looking forward to reading your comments!

5 Places to Find New Customers

5 places to find new customers

Sometimes, we get so used to taking care of the day-to-day, that we forget to take time to think of the new opportunities surrounding us. It can be really hard to see things – especially if you aren’t really “looking” for them. In some cases, you’re too narrowly focused on one area, and not opening up a broader lens to see other opportunities. One great way to increase your lens slightly is by “theming” your days, which you can read about by clicking HERE.

Whether you are looking to start a new business, grow your existing business, or you are an employee or individual simply looking to expand your network, there are opportunities all around you that you may be missing out on.

In my business, I help business owners and executives strategize their business, and then put it into tactical, actionable steps. While the details definitely vary from one industry to another, the core concepts hold true and remain relevant regardless. In fact, they hold true even if you aren’t in business at all! Maybe you just want to get some work done on your house but don’t know who to hire, or maybe you just want to meet new friends in a new city! One of the biggest challenges business owners have is finding new client opportunities. For non-business owners or executives, this may just mean finding new friendship or employment opportunities. Regardless, the number of opportunities you come across are directly related to the size of your network. Bigger network = more opportunities.

To help you grow your network – whether it is for business or social reasons, here are five ways you may not have previously considered:

1. Identify the kind of people you want to meet, then register for industry events, associations, forums, and conventions that these people would be likely to attend. Bring along your business cards!

2. Use your hobby as an advantage – join a yoga class, dance class, cooking class, arts and crafts class. While there, make it a point to introduce yourself and tie your business into your talks to at least 2 people in each class.

3. Use LinkedIn to explore your existing contacts’ connections, and ask them to set up an introduction on those that fit your target customer profile.

4. Identify some restaurants your idea customers’ would likely dine in, then work with the manger/owner to set up a mini-workshop or a table there.

5. Contact local schools and other non-profit organizations and offer free giveaways to support their fundraising efforts. This could be for a silent auction, bingo award, or something else. This will introduce your business to new customers with a freebie, and get them to love your product or service so that they become paying customers, later.

Have you tried any or all of the above? Comment below and tell me some of the successful ways you have increased your network, and ultimately, opportunities. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

How To Get Valuable Content To Your Facebook Fans

Before Facebook Ads came along, it was relatively easy to get your valuable information seen, so that your fans and customers would see the information you put so much time and energy into producing for them – and at no cost. Fast forward to April 2012, when Facebook stated that organic (unpaid) reach to your fans was around 16%. That means that only 16 out of every 100 fans you have, would actually see your content in their newsfeed. Unfortunately, the most recent numbers are looking even lower – that organic reach is now down to roughly 6% according to a study by social@Oglivey. Only 6 out of every 100 fans will actually see your valuable content. Ouch.

Before you get frustrated, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and relax. Luckily, there are avenues that can be paired with your content to help people see the valuable information you are putting out. This is often improved when you tie multiple social media platforms together – or take it a step further and tie all platforms together (even traditional ones, such as newspaper ads, bulletins, flyers, etc.). The key is to have a goal, and then you can devise a plan that helps you achieve that goal, using Facebook and other social media platforms together, in a precise and well-planned way, will help you generate reach across all of your platforms – not just Facebook.

What do I mean, exactly? Well, with a robust plan, you determine what your goal is for each post, and synergize across platforms. If you want more Facebook fans to like your page, for example, then perhaps post a questionnaire contest on your blog that requires your blog readers to post their responses to your Facebook page. Or perhaps hold a Pinterest contest that requires readers to grab images from your Instagram account and post to your Facebook Page. And of course, use your email list to alert your email fans to your contest or questionnaire and send them to your Facebook page, blog, or wherever you need to send them to achieve your goal.

Another option, of course, is to pay for more reach. Relatively speaking, Facebook Ads, when targeted properly, are inexpensive, and the reach is amazing when you truly know your target market – and you have something of value that truly attracts your target audience. Don’t discount using Facebook Ads as a means to gain new followers! Just know that, like everything else, to be successful, you need to know what it is you are trying to achieve, and then reverse engineer your plan to get there!

Do you use social media with a plan, currently, or do you grab topics by the whim and just go with it? I’d love to hear what works for you – comment below and share your stories!

How to Lower Your Stress Through A “Brain Dump”

Have you ever felt so completely stressed that you could almost explode? Maybe you felt crazy overwhelmed and didn’t know how in the HECK you would EVER “get it all done”!? We live in some really fast-paced times, I know! Sometimes we just need to take a step back, and think about all that we really feel we “have” to do. The best way I know of to do this is through something I call a “brain dump”. This is where you take that entire “to-do” list that is sitting in your brain, and you literally dump it out onto something else! It has to be written down so that it’s tangible, though. You can use a good, old-fashioned paper and pencil, or you can use your smartphone, PC, iPad, or whatever is easiest and works best for you. For now, what you use doesn’t matter, simply the act of DOING it matters.

Did you know that there is research-based evidence behind the “brain dump” method? Having so much “stuff” in our heads can actually cause stress and anxiety, and just the physical act of writing it down can help take some of the stress away. Who knew, right?

There are a gazillion new apps released every day, but my current favorite is Wunderlist (free!). I love Wunderlist (and I’m not affiliated in any way) because it is easy, and I have it on my iPad, Smartphone and desktop computers (it syncs across all devices, so I have no excuse to not be on top of my “to-do’s”!). Wunderlist = Success Bliss BOMB!

How I do my Brain Dump

We are all individuals, and what works for one person may not work as well for another. I love my system, and it works really well for ME, because it’s simple, and I have easy, quick access to it ALL THE TIME (important!!). Maybe you already have a solid app that you use, and you like. Great, I’m not saying you have to change – do what works best for YOU! If paper and pencil (in a notebook that you can carry around with you!!) work best for you – fantastic! Then that’s what you should use!

If you’re just not sure what system you want to use, though, copy what I’m doing, and then gradually tweak it to meet your needs! Just remember, perfectionism slows down ACTION. You need to DO. Once you DO, you can upgrade and enhance to make it fit YOU best.

Step 1:

Go to www.Wunderlist.com from your computer, and create an account.


Go to your App Store and search “Wunderlist”. Download the free app once you find it, and create an account.

You can do this from your Smartphone , iPad, and/or desktop computer! Did I already mentioned I have it on ALL of my devices? I have ZERO (zilch, nada, NULL SET, baby!) excuses for not getting my “to-do’s” DONE. And, since the app is based on your login, it is synced up across all of your devices, so it is always current, no matter which device you are using it from. Yesss – big “thank you” to cloud computing!

Step 2:

Once you have your account set up, you’ll see some pre-made folders for you on the left side. I redid them into my own preferences by simply clicking on one, then backspacing the title, and replacing it with my own.

The BIGGEST recommendation I can give you is to set up a “TODAY”, “THIS WEEK” and “SOON” folder system, to start.

Step 3:

For NOW, just do your brain dump in the “soon” folder. Once you have everything captured, you can move it into the appropriate folder (because Wunderlist allows you to move items between folders, too!). Don’t worry too much about that for now, though. Honestly just the act of getting it all down and in-writing will be an amazing start. And you have to capture EVERYTHING. Once you have it all IN WRITING, it allows your brain to “let it go”, resulting in a more calm disposition (less stress).

The key is to NOT stress about this list, we’ll bring order to the chaos later, I promise. All you need to do is dump, dump, dump those “to-do” lists out and save. I’ll provide more information on how we bring that chaos to order in an upcoming post (resulting in even more “calming” of our stress and anxiety levels – yay!).

If you like this, and want to see more organizing tips and tricks, take the 10 Day New Way Challenge! You can find it by clicking HERE.

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Move It. Yep, I Just Said That!

As a former Army Master Fitness Trainer, and certified Fitness Instructor, I can say with some level of authority that movement matters. While I may be credentialed in the fitness world, I am also a busy mom, who gained a solid 40 pounds of excess weight while letting my day job and associated commute (and all associated stressors) get to me. I can say, with certainty, that having a high income is crap. Yep, I just said that, too. It’s crap, because it doesn’t define happiness. Sure, nobody wants to be broke – that is a whole different kind of stress. I’ve been there, too. I grew up with excitement for shopping – and by “shopping”, I mean yard sale hopping for my wardrobe, because we couldn’t afford “brand new” shopping. Being raised without any money instilled my work ethic and passion for learning, I’m pretty sure. And because we also rarely had solid meals, it instilled a love of EATING, which is why I also enjoyed fitness so much (I could eat bad, and then just work out and it wouldn’t even be noticeable!). That lasted well into my 20’s, right up until I started having kids. Working out for hours at a time was no longer an option, and as I climbed the infamous corporate ladder, my “freedom” of time decreased more and more. I juggled between my family member’s schedules and my employer’s needs, leaving my own needs to fall flat on the floor (thus the era of “HELLO extra 40 pounds”!?!!). This isn’t uncommon – you KNOW what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you honestly DO NOT know what I’m talking about – that makes me happy for you! But if you do, then please virtually keep listening (well, ok, reading… then)…


Stress is in all of us – some more than others, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-home mom or a corporate executive. One of the healthiest ways to reduce it is through movement. And while nobody knows more than me how time gets away from us, and “there never seems to be enough hours in the day” to get it all done in ADDITION to a workout – it IS possible. And, nobody is saying to start big, but if you have excess weight to lose, and/or a whole lot of stress in your life (or both, like I did!), instead of eating that comfort bowl of ice cream or chips – spend 10 minutes (yes, JUST 10 minutes!!) moving. It can be a simple walk around the block, or on your treadmill, or just going up and down the stairs in your home. It can be ANYTHING that raises your heart rate a bit. Maybe you want to watch TV a little? Great, if you’re going to do that anyway why not watch it for just 10 minutes while standing up? Stand up and do some squats, or wall push-ups (where you literally lean into a wall, or the couch or something, and do push-ups). Or seriously, stand up and alternate kicking your legs. Anything works fine – just be sure to MOVE.

Moving is such a healthy thing – not just for your body (that’s too obvious), but it’s also HUGE for your emotional state. HUGE. Let me say that again. H-U-G-E. For me, “gifting” myself with those 10 minutes each and every day allowed me to think better, feel better (physically and emotionally) and made me overall happier. 10 minutes a day!!! Do you want to be happier? No more excuses, then – only 10 minutes a day to a better life, better way!

Now, I’m far from perfect (yay me – I’d be SO BORING if I was, don’t you agree?!), but gifting myself with this ONE little thing (10 minutes of movement a day), I have lost one clothing size (so far), and 12 pounds. No, I didn’t move any mountains or shake the earth, but just that little bit has me feeling SO much better. I sometimes gift myself with these 10 minutes while doing dishes or laundry (and yes, I look absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t care, because it’s my gift to myself). Other times I get the ENTIRE 10 minutes to myself – which is pretty darn amazing (busy moms, you know exactly what I’m talking about!!).

Did this article resonate with you? If it did, please comment below! I’d love to hear about your struggles and your victories toward your journey of enhanced happiness! It’s a choice, and if you aren’t sure how to choose, read THIS blog post that can help you get started!

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Organizing Your Life: It Means More Than Cleaning Out a Closet or Two


Do you ever feel like you should be doing better? Doing more? Or maybe you feel like you’re living life just going through the motions, in a job you don’t even like but “hey, it’s an income”? Maybe you are carrying around more excess body weight than you’d care to be? Maybe you feel tired and wish you had more energy? So many of us are living the rat race, and we KNOW we are, but we just don’t know how the heck to get OUT of it. How to be happier, healthier, and actually LIVE life, not just go through it dreaming about retirement, when you can FINALLY start to “live”! Retirement living isn’t a promise – so why wait? So many people have the “retirement syndrome” – where they push, and push, and push, and some don’t even realize they their entire life is passing them by, and…

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Project Management: The Music Video (No, REALLY).

I know that having a plan BEFORE you start means different things to different people. To seasoned and skilled project managers, this means a much more detailed description of not only the “what & when”, but the “how” and the “who” and, most importantly – WHY.

In over 20 years in the field, I have seen excellent, and less than excellent examples of project management. I have learned, though experience, that having a certification doesn’t mean you can actually do any of the needed project management (or program management, or portfolio management, for that matter) needed. Those who know, really know because they understand the need, and what goes into a plan in order to achieve a desirable solution.

This isn’t just true for the techie projects, either. Planning a wedding, planning a birthday bash, or anything else that’s a temporary, one-time thing is a project. I love that there is now a SONG with some of the key steps surrounding it. If you are a PM geek like I am, (or looking to learn an overview, in 6 minutes or so), check out this song on project management! You can view the video by clicking HERE.