Lack-o-Focusitis: The Disease That Kills (Productivity)

Do you or your organization suffer from a lack of focus? Many individuals, entrepreneurs, and even large organizations do. To make matters worse, many don’t even realize they suffer from the deadly “Lack-o-focusitis” disease! If someone asks you what your “focus is”, and you reply “I’m focusing on achieving my strategy” – you probably have Lack-o-Focusitis. You see that picture, above? They have Lack-o-Focusitis! “Focus” on the entire globe (or strategy), all at once, is a recipe for disaster, and will result in Lack-o-Focusitis. If, however, you can pinpoint specific, actionable areas within your strategy that you are currently focused on, and have a plan that pulls all of the various pieces together, then congratulations – you get a clean bill of health!

Don’t feel too bad – this disease is incredibly common. Symptoms include decreased morale (in self and/or others), under-delivering the level of value you, your team, or your organization are capable of, frustrated customers – the very people you exist to serve (“customers” could also be your family, your friends – your “why” fits in here!), unnecessarily increased stress and feelings of overwhelm. Good news, though – this disease is completely reversible!

Isn’t it time to take back your “health” and rid yourself of this nasty disease?

While I do not have a full-fledged 12-step program (yet?!) to cure Lack-o-Focusitis, I do believe that, to be cured, you first must admit you have a problem! If you have set goals and supporting objectives, but still haven’t actually achieved what you set out for – you should look in a mirror and repeat these words “I suffer from Lack-o-Focusitis”. While I cannot solve your entire disease in a single post, I can give you some medicine (bonus: it is both sugar and calorie free – yeah!) to get you moving in the right direction.

Here are 3 ways to help you GET YOUR FOCUS ON – PRONTO:

1. “Theme” your days, and stick to only things that fall within your “theme”. Obviously, interruptions will still happen, but only give the urgent ones any attention, and then get right back to your focused theme. Here is an example:

Monday: Management (paying the bills, organizing kids, etc.)

Tuesday: Growth (career growth, personal growth, fitness improvement, health improvements, etc.)

Wednesday: Communications (calling family, friends, developing a business marketing plan, social media plan, etc.)

Thursday: Networking and partnerships (personally and professionally – this is where you start to execute the “Wednesday” work)

Friday: Company culture and recruiting (or family culture. Spouse recruiting might fit here too, wink, wink – smile!)

Saturday: Disconnect and recharge (hike, bike, camp, etc.)

Sunday: Reflect on the week, strategize for the upcoming week


2. Start a daily “End-of-day reflection” routine. Hold yourself accountable by asking yourself “What have I done today?” Doing so will help you focus on what you have achieved, and help you determine what you need to tackle the following day.


3. Incorporate movement into your day. We all have differences in when our “slump time” hits us – some (like me) wake up in the morning, full of energy, while others don’t pick up that “high energy” time until after lunch. Assess your “slump time” and give yourself a brain break in exchange for some physical activity. Movement re-energizes the body, enabling us to get back into the game and focus when we’re done and ready to get back to business.


PS:  If you haven’t actually set a goal or any supporting objective – you have an even bigger problem. If the latter is you, you need to go HERE to take care of first step, immediately!  Sign up, and you’ll get a free starter toolkit to capture your goal and supporting objectives in a meaningful way.



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