5 Places to Find New Customers

5 places to find new customers

Sometimes, we get so used to taking care of the day-to-day, that we forget to take time to think of the new opportunities surrounding us. It can be really hard to see things – especially if you aren’t really “looking” for them. In some cases, you’re too narrowly focused on one area, and not opening up a broader lens to see other opportunities. One great way to increase your lens slightly is by “theming” your days, which you can read about by clicking HERE.

Whether you are looking to start a new business, grow your existing business, or you are an employee or individual simply looking to expand your network, there are opportunities all around you that you may be missing out on.

In my business, I help business owners and executives strategize their business, and then put it into tactical, actionable steps. While the details definitely vary from one industry to another, the core concepts hold true and remain relevant regardless. In fact, they hold true even if you aren’t in business at all! Maybe you just want to get some work done on your house but don’t know who to hire, or maybe you just want to meet new friends in a new city! One of the biggest challenges business owners have is finding new client opportunities. For non-business owners or executives, this may just mean finding new friendship or employment opportunities. Regardless, the number of opportunities you come across are directly related to the size of your network. Bigger network = more opportunities.

To help you grow your network – whether it is for business or social reasons, here are five ways you may not have previously considered:

1. Identify the kind of people you want to meet, then register for industry events, associations, forums, and conventions that these people would be likely to attend. Bring along your business cards!

2. Use your hobby as an advantage – join a yoga class, dance class, cooking class, arts and crafts class. While there, make it a point to introduce yourself and tie your business into your talks to at least 2 people in each class.

3. Use LinkedIn to explore your existing contacts’ connections, and ask them to set up an introduction on those that fit your target customer profile.

4. Identify some restaurants your idea customers’ would likely dine in, then work with the manger/owner to set up a mini-workshop or a table there.

5. Contact local schools and other non-profit organizations and offer free giveaways to support their fundraising efforts. This could be for a silent auction, bingo award, or something else. This will introduce your business to new customers with a freebie, and get them to love your product or service so that they become paying customers, later.

Have you tried any or all of the above? Comment below and tell me some of the successful ways you have increased your network, and ultimately, opportunities. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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